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WHY team building

How much does teamwork and mutual knowledge affect the place of work? Many people wonder what team building activities can serve, the answer is simple: fostering relationships between people who work together means improving communication and engagement, which then translates into better performance and positive results for the entire company.

team building customised

QJTeam offers a wide range of team building experiences.  Our clients are the experts in their people and we are the experts in events, thus we work closely with all of our clients to ensure all our team building experiences are tailored to their people, with longevity and roi at the forefront of our minds.

team building sailing

Foster a sense of teamwork and improve communication on a team building day like no other. Our team building and team development programmes use the power of sailing to create exciting, engaging group activities designed to make your team the best it can be.  Successful sailing demands strong communication and co-operation, making it the ideal way to get your team working towards a common goal.  This team building activity offers fun and informative activities in unique, fun environment not forgetting the bonus of spending some time immersed in nature.


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