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Event Managment e Production

EVENT MANAGeMENT & production

event management

Our approach to event management is to first understand the reasons behind your event, helping our clients to communicate and reach objectives and surpassing their expectations.

Our event agency specialises in developing event programmes which are creative, inspiring  and emotional. 

QJTeam can work alongside your existing team

of take charge of the entire event.

event production

Our creative team will work closely with you to determine the "key message" to convey and to design all the elements of the event in line with the objective to be achieved.

We aim to create a relationship of trust with our clients becoming  a “partner” rather than a “supplier” thus creating the conditions for a shared ambition and not simply an event to be managed.

We are aware that nowadays we need to offer events that have strong and totally binding, creating unusual contents that allow us to add real value to our creative productions.

Conferenze e Workshop

CONFERENCeS & workshopS

planning & organising

Whether it's a sales force conference or a board meeting, we're here for you. We offer you a meticulous, detail-oriented, flexible and innovative approach. 

Our team of enthusiastic experts will pay the utmost attention to your brief to fully satisfy your requests and ensure the entire success of the event and the achievement of your goals.


Planning and managing a conference can be a very challenging task; we at QJ Team know well how much effort is needed to ensure a successful outcome. Our team of experts will assist and follow you step-by-step in planning and executing every detail.

We can organise every single element of your conference; from choosing the perfect location to registering your guests, not forgetting  excellent food and great entertainment.

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